Marco Polo Style’s vision is to deliver superbly crafted and unique luxury cashmere and yak-down apparel, while adhering to our published value structure:

  • We aim to establish and maintain customer delight.
  • We aim to be a profitable and sustainable company that provides jobs and incomes to people both at Marco Polo Style and our suppliers.
  • We aim to support the industry growth of the Yakdown, a natural superfiber, as a more sustainable and ecologically responsible alternative to cashmere, the production of which has become unsustainable and damages grasslands and livelihoods.
By enabling the emergence of Yakdown apparel as a viable alternative to cashmere, we hope to join ongoing efforts to mitigate overgrazing and the resulting desertification that occurs from the enormous growth of the cashmere trade and improve the natural environment while preserving a nomadic herding culture that is rapidly disappearing.

Marco Polo Style is a founding supporter of the Mongolian NGO 'Eco-Innovation and Development Center',  a group of young professional women who have expertise in geography, forestry and ecology, and are applying their skills and efforts towards technology transfer to mitigate land degradation in Mongolia. 

Cashmere is a staple of these developing (often poor) economies and of course will not be eradicated, nor should it. But with land and livestock management and sustainable production, desertification and all of its human horrors can be managed.

  • We aim to  keep production, jobs and skills local: we vow to avoid the resource extraction model that destroys struggling developmental economies: our production is kept in the same communities that produce the fiber.